endlessly beautiful ohrid


 DSC09388 DSC09393 DSC09396




DSC09401 DSC09405 DSC09406    DSC09410 DSC09411  DSC09418 DSC09419 DSC09426 DSC09427

staying at the incredible IKAR hut, with the first Macedonian woman to have climbed everest,

freezing cold lake swims

the friendliest people

an adventure loving community

beautiful sunsets


a warm cozy house

happy neighbours

boat rides

a frightening epileptic disaster on the water

getting on national macedonian television


macedonian pies

dripping blackberry baklawa

and bicycles doing tea deliveries

gorgeous old town

endless shimmering lake

ever changing colours

a campaign to protect the lake from devastating development (sign it here)

1 day turns to 6

it is impossible to leave this place

thank you for having me

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